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- Xavier Yxayotl

Rest In Peace

Master Yxayotl.

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, perhaps better known as "The Maestro," was recognized as the foremost authority on the reproduction and performance of traditional Mayan and Aztec instruments. He expertly crafted flutes, Death Whistles, and ocarinas according to ancient manuscripts.


Xavier is renowned around the globe. He performed in major ceremonies and his instruments are featured throughout the media, including the film industry.

But there's more to why he was called "The Maestro." In addition to creating handmade instruments and performing in the way of ancient rituals, Xavier was a recognized painter. Through his many forms of artistic genius, he was a true Renaissance Man.

Xavier passed away in November 2020, leaving an unfillable void in the world. He is survived by his family, his loved ones, his music, and his artwork.

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