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Xavier Yxayotl Testimonials

"Haunting, chilling, amazing." -L. Osborn

"So talented!" -M. Lewis

"When I first heard Xavier Quijas Yxayotl's music, I was struggling in my life and my direction. Mr. Yxayotl's Aztec Dances Mayan Ancestral Music got me on my path and inspired my life." -G. Rodriguez

"Maestro Quijas is a wonderful musical historian for our culture. Keeping our traditions alive and sharing with us all the music of our ancient ancestors." -J. Perez Ocelotl

"Xavier's music makes me feel like I'm home and the ancestors are close."  -J. Fleming

Xavier fire flute playing

"Xavier is a man of many talents. His music alone transports you to ancient Mayan lands of clay flutes with nature. The expression of his dreams come alive in his paintings.


"Fortunately, his Deer Dancer original resides in my home and everyone is truly amazed at how they feel the Dancer in his transformation. Xavier’s purity comes from within transcending healing words to others.


"Allow yourself to experience his forever blessings... for YOU deserve it!"


- Annette Henry

"For almost 30 years I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of the most creative flute makers make their mark in popularity, but by far my dear friend Xavier has taken flute making to a whole new level. The reason being is that Xavier specializes in re-creating Ancient America clay instruments & whistles with his own one of a kind vision.

"Some of his unique flute creations are multi chambered, some have harmonized barrels and still others re-create & mimic birds, animals and environmental sounds such as wind, and lightning. His clay creations are adorned with hand crafted symbolic designs & faces of the ancient Aztec & Maya people, some with ancient priests & women.


"Xavier’s flutes and whistles are truly playable works of art and I have been honored to use his instruments on my own recordings and performances. To see these beautiful instruments is one thing but to play them is entirely a wonderful experience. In ending I’m grateful for the long friendship I’ve had with Xavier over the last 3 decades and am continually amazed by the creativity of his ancient reproductions and his original flute interpretations where he truly does make Mother Earth sing."

- Mac Lopez

Xavier playing flute healer's day
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