Video: Death Whistle Demonstration

Video: Southern California Flute Circle


Mayan Ancestral Music - Best Seller!

Released 2005

Mystical Mayan clay flutes and drums are alive, vibrating through one's spirit. Those who enjoy relaxing, meditation, self-healing, soul searching, and ancient music will marvel over this incredible journey.

Pearl Moon

Released 1999

Aztec and Mayan music includes drums, clay flutes, turtle shells played with deer antlers, gourd water drums, and other ancient instruments that once filled the pyramids and temples of Mesoamerica. Music to heal the inner spirit.


Released 1997

Mayan music with traditional rhythms and instruments.

Fuertes Ancestros

Released 1994

True, authentic Aztec dance music. The drums and percussion of the Aztecs were powerful, tribal, intense, and deep.


Containing music of various tribes in Mexico, this CD is uplifting and shows the power of the Aztecs.

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