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Xavier Yxayotl Indigenous America Performing Mayan Aztec Mesoamerican Native American music

About Maestro Yxayotl

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl was a prominent world music flutist, composer and instrument maker. He is known for his Aztec and Mayan recreations from the Pre-Columbian Americas.  Xavier had 6 of his 7 CD releases nominated at the Native American Music Awards—two of them for Flutist of the Year!


Throughout the years, Xavier became one of Mexico’s few artists who could make authentic Mesoamerican instruments by hand. Based on ancient manuscripts, these instruments are identical to those made, played, and taken into war by his Pre-Hispanic ancestors. 


For years, Xavier was the key performer at The Heard Museum of Native Cultures. 


In addition, Xavier's musical ensemble Indigenous America performed at special events, including festivals, pow-wows, expos, amphitheaters, performing art centers, museums, universities, and even sports arenas. Indigenous America also appeared on various public TV/cable broadcasts and interviews.

With unrivaled wisdom in the ways of his ancient ancestors, Xavier consulted on the History Channel and presented lectures at schools and universities. He worked with artists like R. Carlos Nakai, Robert Tree Cody, Verdell Primeaux, and Johnny Mike. Additionally, Xavier provided instruments to creators in the entertainment industry.

Xavier tragically left us and passed into the afterlife in November 2020.

Xavier Yxayotl meditation reflection maya aztec native american flutemaker

Career Highlights & Performances

  • The opening ceremony at the Nobel Peace Prize, giving blessings to the Dalai Lama (Italy, 2001) 

  • The Grammy’s (Los Angeles, California, 2002) 

  • The Behind the Arts PBS special for his patented “Fire Flute” (2002)

  • The United Nations Gala Event (New York, 2005)

  • The opening song in concert with Yanni to produce the DVD “Yanni Voices” for Disney (Acapulco, Mexico, 2009)

  • Providing the indigenous instruments for Mel Gibson's Apocalypto

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