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Cihuateteotl Female Death Whistle

"Cihuateteotl" Female Death Whistle

SKU: 366615376135191

This is the powerful female version of the Death Whistle, crafted in the ancient tradition of the Cihuateteoh.


In the Aztec Mythology, Cihuateteotl died giving birth to a son. The female priest trained Cihuateteotl's son to become a warrior. 


The Aztecs believed women who died in childbirth recieved the title of Cihuateotl (god/divine/sacred woman) in honor of their sacrifices. After death, the mothers' remains were considered sacred.


Images and amulets representing them empowered the owner or wearer with fierceness and courage, so warriors would carry these to the battle ground.

As with all other Death Whistles, yours will be unique. The basic measurements are 4x4x3x3 inches.  

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